7 Worst Jobs for Introverts to Have

There are introverted people who may be shy and sensitive as well. These people don’t particularly like the limelight. It can be really difficult for such people to do certain jobs. These introverts might be unable to secure their dream employment opportunities, since they make career choices based on their personality rather than their ambitions. They may have an interest or even an aptitude for a certain job, but don’t really go for it because of the way they are.

There are also people who are introverted but do some of these jobs that make them feel uncomfortable, but somehow, they manage to hide it. However, it can be a daily struggle for them. Let’s take a look at seven of the worst jobs for introverts.

1. Teacher/Lecturer

Teaching may be one of the worst jobs for introverts because it requires a lot of public speaking and social interactions. Not only is there going to be a lot of interaction, but you might be wondering what your students are saying or thinking about you. Besides, you need to be the center of attention as everyone focuses on you. You have to speak in front of others.

Speaking in front of other people can actually be hard even for those who are not introverts. Many people actually have a fear of speaking in front of an audience, even though they may not be particularly introverted. Teachers also have to meet parents. They may be required to be part of extracurricular activities. This involves more interaction.

2. Healthcare Jobs

Many jobs in the healthcare industry deal with the public and of course, with patients. This can be somewhat difficult for the introvert. These jobs include doctors, nurses and therapists. Some of these jobs may also involve a high level of interaction with family members as well. Depending on the situation, these family members may be in a distressed state. It can be hard for an introvert to deal directly with them. It can be mentally draining.

Other jobs such as taking blood from patients can also make you feel nervous, causing the patient to be nervous too. Even something like a dietitian may cause you to get involved in training clinics and presentations. You will have to speak in front of others, so these could be among the worst jobs for introverts.

3. Sales Jobs

Unsurprisingly, sales jobs are among the worst jobs for introverts to have. It requires a lot of interaction and even criticism from others. You need to stay professional during moments like these. There are tons of sales positions. One of the worst has to be that of a cashier, especially if you are shy and sensitive as well. Line-ups can cause you to get really nervous. There are customers who are also rude and condescending. There’s always the famous “I gave you a 20 and you only gave me change for a 10” line.

Unfortunately, sales jobs tend to be quite easy to get, so someone who is desperate for a job could easily find employment…until the going gets tough, especially if you are an introvert. Anyone with a heartbeat can get a job as a telemarketer. This is also an introvert’s nightmare. Making cold calls trying to sell is not for an introvert. It is more apt for someone savvy.

4. Politician

If you are an introvert, you may find it difficult to advance in the world of politics. Not only do you need to speak to a lot of people, you may be interviewed on radio or worse – on TV! Your nerves will get the better of you and you may be the butt of jokes on social media. It is very difficult to be a politician and work in the background, away from the public eye. Besides, nobody likes a politician anyway.

5. Flight Attendant

Working as a flight attendant is seen as a fun and glamour job. However, as an introvert, this job means you have to interact with passengers. You will be busy in the airport too. A job like this will have its own difficulties. You need to remain positive, energetic and smile a lot.

There will be difficult passengers. While you may know what people from your own country are like, there will be people from other parts of the world. Certain behaviours may be acceptable where they are from. You will have rude and demanding people. There may be fights (go to YouTube to watch some of this). For someone who likes to be in the background, you have no choice but be thrust right into the middle of this. It can be too much.

6. Lawyer

A lawyer may do a fair amount of their work in the background, but some of them do have to go to court. They have to speak in front of others. Public speaking is not an ‘introvert thing’, so this could pose a problem.

7. Stockbroker

Introverts can forget about this. You need to be assertive, loud and pushy. This is probably one of the worst jobs for an introvert. There is just too much pressure. If you don’t believe in heaven, then at least believe in hell, because for you, this is it!

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