8 Effective Ways on How to Stop Spam Calls

How many telemarketing, telephone surveys, or spam phone calls do you receive in a day? Indeed, even answering one of these phone calls is one too many. But they are a part of life and a part of having a telephone number, so you either deal with them or you employ a strategy to stop these calls from happening.

Unsure what to do exactly? If you want your answering services to be as efficient as possible, here are eight ways to stop spam phone calls:

1. National Do Not Call List

Whether you have just been assigned a new telephone number or you have a number that goes back years, you should register it on the National Do Not Call List. Every telemarketing outfit must abide by the list, otherwise, the organization risks being fined. The list does exempt things like political organizations and pollsters, but you can request these entities to put you on an internal list.

Now, since many telemarketing firms respect the list, it might easier to identify the spammers and separate them from legitimate telemarketers, survey interviewers, and political campaigns.

The list is not full proof, but it is an improvement from the past when households would receive a dozen calls a day, which would eventually become an infuriating nuisance.

2. Android Call Blocking App

More people are ditching home lines in favour of going mobile. It is an understandable trend: it’s cheaper, convenient, and a space saver.

So, if you own a smartphone that runs on an Android operating system, then you should utilize the call blocking application that can be found in your settings.

Once you turn it on, then you will not be inundated with spam phone calls. These apps are convenient ways on how to stop spam calls.

3. Or, Use Third-Party

Or, if you do not own an Android, then you can also take advantage of a diverse array of third-party applications that will block spammers from calling your number. Whether it is immediately blocking a call or informing you that such a call is taking place, these apps are useful because you don’t need to be bothered by these annoyances.

4. Use Carrier’s Feature

Although telecommunication firms are some of the biggest users of telemarketing, they still listen to their customers. This means that many carriers offer features that prevent you from receiving spam over the phone, even if it is a legitimate telemarketing call.

  • The features consist of many different methods:
  • Directly block the number by showcasing a “not in service” message or playing the busy signal.
    Offering a message that the household does not take solicitation calls.
  • Give the caller an option of speaking with the household if he or she is not soliciting anything (press 1).

5. Be Careful of Registrations

One of the ways that spammers, telemarketers, and even survey phone companies get you is by purchasing a list of numbers. These numbers are typically gathered through innocuous methods, such as online registration forms, signing up for a newsletter, or joining some loyalty rewards program.

It is important that you be careful of these registrations if spam calls are bothering you:

  • Use a telephone number that you rarely use.
  • Tick the box about not receiving other forms of communications or offers.
  • Do not register for something unless it is imperative.
  • Contact the company and verify its policy on selling your data.

This may seem like unnecessary legwork, but it might need to be done if you have a bad experience with spam calls all the time.

6. Don’t Engage with the Spammer

According to experts, one of the best things you can do is to refuse to engage with the spammer. If a telemarketer or spammer finds that you are not interested in anything at all, then they will give up and find someone who might appear more open to whatever it is the person is trying to sell.

In this field, the caller searches for the three nos. If the recipient says no three times, then the caller gives up. However, if the person has run out of excuses after just two nos, then the caller will pounce.

Ultimately, do not engage with the spammer and just say that you are not interested and hang up.

7. The ‘Seinfeld’ Routine – Or Other Jokes If You Must

In one of the most memorable lines in the “Seinfeld” franchise, Jerry receives a call from a telemarketer – you probably know the bit by now. This is regularly used by households everywhere. Does it work? For the most part yes, because the caller is probably stumped and can’t come up with a great rebuttal.

That said, you can also use other jokes to irk the caller.

Here are just a few:

  • “Mr. [Insert Name Here] is happy to speak to you. His billing rate is $500 per hour. If you’ll give me your credit card number now, I’ll book a time slot just for you.”
  • “You’re the 100th caller today. You win a special prize. Hold on for just 30 minutes and I’ll get it for you.”
  • “I’ve been thinking about breaking into phone sales myself. Can you tell me how you got started?”

You can always try a different bit.

8. Just Hang Up

Finally, if you want to avoid the hassle and save yourself some grief, then you can do one thing and one thing only: Just hang up. The best way on how to stop spam calls is to simply ignore them.

Although it could be fun yelling at a spammer or pulling his or her leg, you need to remember these people have access to your personal information. You need to be strategic and try not to make these spammers hold a grudge. So, you could perform a “Seinfeld” routine, or you could just block their calls.

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