8 Healthiest and Least Healthiest Candles to Burn

Who doesn’t like candles? They are a non-electric light source that provides illumination for so many settings. Candles are perfect for special occasions, intimate encounters and low-light activities, creating ambience and warmth.

Unfortunately, not all candles are made the same, and some may look beautiful but have unnatural ingredients that may even be harmful. The last thing you need is to compromise your health while trying to create a mellow ambience.

If you are looking for the healthiest candles to burn, here is what to look for and what to avoid.

1. Natural Candles

Natural candles Canada don’t have toxic ingredients in them. Usually, they are made from soy, but other natural candles are produced using palm, coconut oil, beeswax, and candelilla. If you like to use candles, buying ones made from natural ingredients is best. You will be free from smoke stains on your walls and ceiling and toxins that can permeate your furniture and clothing. The stronger and longer-lasting scents these natural candles provide will also benefit you.

Beyond the wax, other ingredients are added to candles, like the scent. Regular candles use artificial fragrances that may contain thousands of chemicals in them. For a natural candle, they use essential oils. There are amazing aromas that you can use, and they are strong but non-toxic and won’t give you a headache. They are beneficial for various ailments and provide a soothing smell for the senses.

Wicks is also important to consider. Toxic metal wicks were mostly banned, but many still have wires, so you should always look for braided cotton, wood or paper wick.

2. Soy Candles

Soy candle uses hydrogenated soybean oil and additional palm and coconut oil, which are clean burning and produce very little soot. They also burn slower and cooler, so your candle will last longer and be easier to clean up if spilled.

3. Beeswax Candles

Beeswax is an incredible natural wax made from honey bees and is among the healthiest choice for candles. They burn clean while giving off a subtle but natural fragrance and last up to three times as long as a regular candle. They are also non-allergenic and can help with asthma or hay fever symptoms in people with allergies. Beeswax also gives off negative ions, which aid in cleaning the air in a room.

4. Coconut Candles

Coconut is another natural, renewable ingredient to make candles from. They burn slower with a smoother texture, and because of the fatty triglycerides, they protect the added essential oils, so the aromas last longer. This is the perfect vegan option for your candles.

5. Candelilla Candles

Candelilla This is another vegan option for your candles. The candelilla shrub grows in Northern Mexico and Southwestern US and is used to make odourless candles with a high melting point.

This is how the wax is produced, but sometimes manufacturers will mix in some paraffin wax as well, so make sure to look on the label for 100% soy, coconut oil or beeswax.

6. Paraffin Wax Candles

The cheapest and most used wax for candles on the market is paraffin. While they are cheap and popular, they are not beneficial for your body.

Paraffin is a waste product from the petroleum industry and a leading cause of air pollution in the home. It is an organic sludge from oil and gas production full of known carcinogens, including benzene and toluene, which are released when burned. Other carbon particles are also released as soot which can irritate people’s repertory systems and collect on ceilings, walls and furniture. This is a non-renewable pollutant that you should consider staying away from.

7. Gel Candles

Gel is used to make candles, and they come in clear decorative containers with embedded items to enjoy visually. They do look attractive but are also made of wax that is petroleum based as well as from synthetic hydrocarbons. These both release harmful pollutants when burned. Gel candles are also a fire hazard as they can flare up easily, and if they get too hot, the container may explode.

8. Fragrance Candles

Fragrance A big part of the candle-burning experience is the scent they give off, and you can get a wide variety of aromas. Usually, fragrance means a complicated soup of synthetic petrol chemicals combined to recreate natural smells from nature. These crude oil smells carry toxic carcinogens but are used to create a wider variety of aromas not available by nature. They also cause respiratory issues and headaches for some people.

Spend the extra money to get a candle that is not harmful to you, and then enjoy the soft illumination it provides for your relaxing evening.

  • Gretchen is a free-spirited blogger focused on ways to improve her spiritual and emotional health. She uses the MANDALA HEALS blog to dispense advice, tutorials & guides on various topics.

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