8 Most Famous Ballet Dancers in History

Whether it is classic or modern music, it is near impossible to not move when the beat drops. One of the ways you could move to music is through ballet dance. It is a dance that originated during the Renaissance in the fifteenth century. Ballet started out as a performance dance but later evolved into a concert dance.

Many schools that teach ballet have infused their various cultures into this dance form, diversifying the dance. Just like any other type of dance, ballet is a combination of choreography and music. Traditional classical music is played during a classic ballet session. Modern ballet, on the other hand, is simple and does not involve elaborate sets.

There are some famous ballet dancers who have perfected the art of ballet and become famous for their admirable dancing talent. Below are the eight most famous ballet dancers in history:

1. Diana Vishneva

Diana Vishneva is a 42-year-old Russian dancer. This famous ballet dancer performs as the principal dancer at two ballet theatres, (The Mariinsky and American theatre). She trained at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. She was a record holder for the best scorer at the academy.

Upon her graduation in 1999, Diana was absorbed by the Mariinsky Ballet Company. It was at this company where she won the Benois de la Danse and the Golden Sofit, which helped propel her career dramatically. She is now known as one of the most famous ballet dancers in recent times.


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2. Adabel Guerrero

Adabel Anahi Guerrero Melachenko is a famous woman with many titles. She is a 40-year-old Argentine professional burlesque and theatre dancer. She is also an actress, supervandette, singer and a model. She is currently a panellist on E!

This famous ballet dancer has competed together with renowned professional dancers, such as Martin Whitecap and Joel Ledesma. She has also appeared on many spin-offs from the Dancing with the Stars show.


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3. Evelyn Hart

Born in Toronto Canada, Evelyn is a 62-year-old ballerina. She was formerly a principal with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. She was the first Canadian to get first prize at the Varna International Ballet Competition.

She was instated into Canada’s walk of fame in the year 2000. The following year, the famous ballet dancer was awarded the Governor General’s performing arts award. She became a member of the royal society of Canada in 2006. She died in July 2009, leaving behind a great legacy.


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4. Tamara Rojo

She is of Spanish descent. At the age of 44, she is the artistic director of the English National Ballet. She was formally the foremost dancer with the royal ballet. She has won the Prix de la danse and the Laurence Oliver award for the best new dance production.


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5. Ninette de Valois

Born an Irish, Dame Ninette de Valois was a British dancer, a choreographer, director and ballet teacher. Ninette was the founder of The Royal Ballet, which is one of the foremost ballet companies. She was vastly regarded as the ‘Godmother’ and an influential personality in the history of ballet.

Known as one of the most famous ballet dancers in history, Ninette de Valois was fortunate to have lived for a century, which she celebrated in 1998 by attending some ballet events. Sadly, she died 3 years later at the prime age of 103.


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6. Gillian Lynne

She was initially spotted by Ninette de Valois during the Second World War where she performed solo at the lilac fairy in the Sleeping Beauty.

Later, Gillian spearheaded a surprising fusion of ballet jazz and vaudeville, a fusion that brought inspiration to both the young and young at heart. She was also responsible for the choreography in the Famous Cats and The Phantom of the Opera, which were Broadway shows. Famous Cats went on to revolutionize musical theatre.


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7. Mikhail Baryshnikov

Misha, his nickname, is a 71-year-old Russian-American dancer, actor and choreographer. He was the lead dancer at the New York City Ballet where he learnt George Balanchine’s style of dance. More often than not, he has been affiliated with modern dance.

His skillful dramatic acting has aided him in becoming a renowned contemporary ballet dancer. He was a nominee in 1977 for the Academy Award for best-supporting actor and the Golden Globe award.


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8. Kip Gamblin

He is an Australian ballet dancer born on 5thJuly 1975. As an actor, he is best known for his role as Brad Wills in the TV series Neighbor. He attended the Australian Ballet School and further on performed with the Sydney Dance Company, Australian Ballet, and the West Australian Ballet.

Ballet requires you to practice diligently and religiously to master the technique. Unlike other types of dances, ballet disobeys the law of gravity as you will need to be mid-air for most of the dance’s routines. You may opt to take ballet classes for recreational purposes or go full throttle and become a professional.

Due to the intensity and the hard work that goes into perfecting the art of ballet, the famous dancer develops resilience and tenacity, attributes that could be applied in real life situations.


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