8 Thoughtful Gifts for Wine Lovers

Nothing says ‘I care’ better than a thoughtful gift. Now, if the object of your attention is a wine connoisseur, that gift better be either a quality bottle of wine or a wine accessory to make their wine experience a delectable affair.

This is not the kind of wine gift you just chance upon. You should know your stuff well enough to pick a wine gift that would make a wine aficionado tip their hat in respect and admiration for your sense of style and taste. If you are looking for a gift that would impress even the most seasoned wine connoisseur, below are a few gifts for wine lovers that you cannot go wrong with.

1. Wine Cooler and Aerator

A wine cooler and aerator is a perfect gift for any wine enthusiast. The device works by keeping your wine aerated and chilled to guarantee the integrity of the delightful contents inside. You will be blown away by the nifty, yet intelligent, pour-through feature that makes pouring it so easy.

2. Smart Wine Opener

One can say wine openers are a dime a dozen. Well, not an intelligent wine opener that uses nitrous oxide to uncork wine bottles. This sophisticated gadget made from aircraft-grade aluminum makes opening your wine bottle a breeze.

3. Blue Wine

Ever had a glass of blue wine? Instead of buying your oenophile friend another bottle of white or red wine, why not impress them with a bottle of bright blue wine? This amazing eyebrow-raising Chardonnay wine comes from Castilla y León in northwestern Spain. It gets its colour from anthocyanin, which is a colour pigment naturally skimmed off grapes skin.

If you are wondering how it tastes, think of fresh, aromatic white wine. Combine it with semi-cured cheese and fish, and you have yourself a treat your taste buds won’t forget in a hurry.

4. Wine Decanter

A wine decanter is a thoughtful gift any wine lover would cherish. Besides the fact that it’s a functional wine accessory, the lead-free crystal glass is in a class all by itself. It features a slanted top to ensure drip-free serving!

5. Wine Bottle Thermometer

A true aficionado will tell you that wine is best served at just the right temperature. Well, today there are wine bottle thermometers designed to ensure every sip you take is set at your preferred temperature. The bottle displays your wine temperature on the thermometer’s front. You only pour yourself a glass once the preferred temperature is reached. The thermometer is attached to the wine bottle and digitally displays the temperature readings of your wine in minutes.

6. A Portable Wine Glass

Imagine walking on the beach with a Starbucks cuppa in your hands. Well, let’s tilt that picture a little bit and replace the coffee with a portable glass of wine. Yes, such glasses exist to spice up classic wine drinking on the go. The portable wine glass features an easy-to-sip-from lid that is also spill-proof. And for extra insulation, it comes with a thoughtful double wall your wine friend will love.

7. Wine in an Oak Bottle

This one is an exciting gift idea for wine lovers. Imagine an ageing oak wine bottle that transforms your red into vintage wine in under two hours. Is that even possible? Well, it is if your wine comes in an oak bottle that also buys you time. The oak bottle has an ageing ability that adds a unique flavour to any drink; be it beer, wine, or whiskey.

How old did you say the wine is? Well, you might want to keep the truth to yourself. Let them think ‘vintage,’ but you and I know the secret is the oak bottle. To make the gift even more special, you can package the wine inside a memorable wood box.

8. A 3-in-1 Wine Cooler Stick

Although a wine cooler stick is a thoughtful alternative to ice cubes, it is much more useful than that. The stick is itself made of stainless steel and works as an aerator and pourer. This enhances your wine’s flavour and at the same time allows it to breathe. This is a perfect gift for a wine lover who likes their wine at just the right temperature.

9. Corkcicle

If you have been wondering when you will get rid of that bulky ice bucket, here’s a solution for you. To make a statement with your gift, a Corkicle is a great gift idea. It protects and chills your open wine bottle. Once frozen, it is inserted into wine bottles. Besides being easy to clean, it’s manufactured using BPA-free plastic. It also contains a non-toxic freezing gel.

One thing about wine lovers is that they not only enjoy good wine but also how it is served. From the way it’s manufactured, packaged and served, to how it’s stored; to a wine lover, the entire wine experience is to be savoured, each and every moment of it. Therefore, a perfect gift for a wine connoisseur is one that takes into account not just the gift but also captures the essence of great wine experience.

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