8 Tips for Making Good eCommerce Product Videos

In eCommerce, product video content of your products can be the deal maker or turn-off to your potential customers and referrals. That’s why you should come up with ideas to create the best videos to win loyalty and fantastic sales from your customers.

When making videos, you can start with the least demanding ideas for easier planning and execution. A small piece of content that may take days or hours to create can be the centre of customer attraction for many years. Above all, do not forget to stay within your business values, mission, brand, and goals.

Here are the best tips for making good eCommerce product videos:

Tip #1: Keep the Video Short and Sweet

The best move for your eCommerce product videos is to make them short, straight to the point, and entertaining. Consumers have already spent more hours finding the right website to purchase from. Therefore, you shouldn’t make them waste more time perusing through lengthy eCommerce product videos.

That’s why you should make your videos as short as possible, straight to the main points, and with some entertaining moves in between. Professionals advise businesses to keep their eCommerce product videos between 15 to 45 seconds for excellent performance. A short concise clip performs well on a video commerce platform.

Tip #2: Go Professional

Professionalism means good quality, hence high sales and customer engagement. When making eCommerce videos for your products, engaging a professional designer and photographer to capture the best videos would be best. A professional photographer knows when it’s the right time to shoot the videos, how to shoot them, and can also offer other services such as editing.

Conversely, eCommerce product video designers can help business owners with excellent advice regarding product layout, projection, and more. Generally, paying for professional services increases the quality of your video and puts you a step ahead of other eCommerce businesses.

Tip #3: Demonstrate Your Products

Potential customers usually love to see a demonstration of your products whenever they log into your website. While this mainly applies to eCommerce businesses handling complex products such as machinery, others need to briefly demonstrate whatever they’re selling, no matter how obvious it may appear.

For instance, if you’re selling electronic appliances, you can explain how it’s made, transported, and operated under different circumstances. Additionally, you should inform the customers how often they can use and dispose of them carefully for timely products. Remember to factor in various weather conditions when demonstrating a particular product.

Tip #4: Stay on Brand

Maintaining your brand within your eCommerce product videos is very important. While the customers view what you have to offer, they should also recognize your brand and differentiate it from your competitors. Covering your brand in shoppable videos increases customer loyalty and credibility, especially if your business delivers its promises as indicated on the logo and logline.

You can stay on brand with your eCommerce product videos by defining your business briefly in every video and covering your logo as you shoot the video. You can also wear brand-based attire when shooting the videos.

Tip #5: Provide Testimonials and Reviews

Customers will always want proof that your products are as good as you say. Therefore, you can always take a chance with your eCommerce product videos to provide actual testimonials and reviews on the products discussed in the video.

Such results act as a great marketing strategy for your videos, creating customer loyalty and boosting the number of referrals. You can also make use of a loyal customer to honestly give a review of your products physically at the end of some of your eCommerce product videos.

Tip #6: Share Sneak Peeks

Nothing keeps your customers eagerly waiting than an enticing sneak peek of your upcoming eCommerce product video. Like trailers for movies and series, a sneak peek video for your eCommerce products prepares customers for a forthcoming mega sale, discount, or launch on different products.

Customers will likely show up in large numbers when D-day arrives since they have been ready. You can post the sneak peek video weeks or months before the primary sale date. Ensure the video includes brief details, images of the upcoming products, and the main launch or sale date.

Tip #7: Make Your Videos Shareable

Another tip for making successful eCommerce product videos is to make them shareable across different digital platforms. Sometimes, customers love videos they can share with their friends to show them those unique products they want to purchase.

Therefore, if your video isn’t shareable amongst the customers, it may be a huge deal-breaker, reducing your sales and revenues in the long run. Remember to post the video on different platforms to maximize the number of views, referrals, and sales.

Tip #8: Answer FAQs with a Video

Did you know that you can create an eCommerce video not necessarily incorporating different products but answering some questions your customers have been asking over time? A FAQ eCommerce video lets you engage with your customers and know their needs better.

Your video can incorporate a section of all the questions the customers have asked in the past few days, followed by the most appropriate responses through audible audio and clear video (and demonstrations where relevant). Your feedback, tips, and tricks will go a long way in promoting your brand.

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