8 Types of Residential Windows That Are Currently Trending in Canada

Probably one of the best ways to enhance the look of your house while saving energy is by checking on a window replacement. Windows, today, come in designs and materials that help you save a lot of money on heating and cooling. Frames are made with uPVC to prevent problems with rotting wood, while glass panes are glazed to save on energy use. The following window designs are currently trending in northern locales.

1. Single Hung Window Designs

The single hung window is a basic and traditional window design. This window is made so the user opens the bottom half of the window for air circulation. The top sash remains stationary while the window is opened. A single hung window combines a clean and classic look with state-of-the-art engineering. You can find more resources available at the Panes website.

2. Double Hung Window Designs

These windows are often chosen by Canadian homeowners, as they are made with two sashes. Therefore, this type of window can be opened at either the top or bottom. As a result, you have more than one ventilation option. If you want to enjoy the breeze more and use your AC less, this is the window for you.

3. Casement Window Styles

This style of window permits greater air circulation in the home, as a vertical hinge is operated when swinging open the window. You can open this window either in or out, much like a door. Using a crank system, this window may feature a patented wash system, which makes it easier to clean and maintain.

4. Awning Window Designs

These windows are similar in style to the casement window, as they are also operated by a crank system. However, unlike casement windows, they open horizontally instead of vertically. The sash for the awning window is affixed by one or a couple hinges to the top of the window’s frame. This allows the window to swing outward.

5. Bay Window Styles

The bay window is often used to create a nook area in a home. This structure features a series of windows—typically three or more—which link and can be opened to a view. Usually, people like to choose a picture window that is supported by smaller windows positioned at certain angles. You can use this window in various ways.

6. Bow Window Designs

These windows look similar in design to the bay window. However, they do not display angled edges at the point where the windows connect. They show off a half-circle shape to create a space in the living area. This window is often used in traditional homes, but is also a practical selection in more contemporary settings.

7. Tilt and Turn Window Designs

These windows are minimalistic and simple, as well as easy to clean. Featuring versatility, these windows can be turned inward, like a door, or can be tilted upward to increase ventilation. The window features a single handle for controlling both of the aforementioned functions.

8. Sliding Window Styles

You can use tracks below and under this window design. You only need to push the window to the side to receive ventilation or access. This popular window type is lower in price and offers an excellent alternative to a casement window if you cannot use a vertical hinge.

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