9 Best Benjamin Moore Farmhouse Colors

Are you looking for a more simplistic look in your home with earth tones and an old-time character? The modern farmhouse is appealing and lends well to people that love barn wood and shiplap on their walls and is ideal for families because of the warning look and warm, comfortable feel.

Along with style comes classic farmhouse colours, with many to choose from. Fortunately, Benjamin Moore outdoor paint has a great selection of curated tones. They work perfectly with modern and rustic builds and include whites, neutrals, shades of blue, brown, and grey.

When looking for that modern farmhouse look, the best colours can inspire your world from the interior to the exterior. Here are the nine best Benjamin Moore farmhouse colours:

1. Simply White Colors

White paint may seem pretty standard, but it is the ideal farmhouse background base that perfectly fits the style. White gives a clean look and helps wood walls stand out. It also easily matches the rest of the colour scheme in your home.

Simply White is Benjamin Moore’s 2016 colour of the year, and its crisp, clean look manages to brighten up any dimly lit room. It also works well with warmer tones like beige and grey.

2. Kensington Blue Colors

Blue is a classic bold and refined colour that will give your modern farmhouse a vibrant look, inside and out. Kensington Blue is a navy blue that pops against white trim or is used as an accent colour and will give you that upscale homestead feels. Who says a farmhouse can’t be luxurious?

3. Sea Haze Colors

This grey tone colour is popular for the farmhouse crowd because it is soothing and warm. Sea Haze is a mid-tone neutral with green undertones and works well with farmhouse decor. Finding the right colour for your walls can be tough, especially when working with a theme like a farmhouse, but sea grey will deliver that authentic look and feel.

4. Pale Oak Colors

You can go with Pale Oak for your home for a lighter warm tone. This farmhouse favourite is considered a “greige” colour as it balances grey and beige perfectly. It also adds a majestic touch of colour like the mighty oak and brings nature inside a country home while still providing a modern and clean look.

5. Black Satin Colors

Why go with black satin for a striking contrast and a dramatic accent? This soft black tone is perfect for making a statement in your farmhouse. It’s dark, but that is good because it pairs with other farmhouse colours from Benjamin Moore. A deep-colour punch is good, specially trimmed out in Simply White.

6. Revere Pewter Colors

If you want to capture the balance of warm and cool, Revere Pewter is your colour. It is another top seller for Benjamin Moore because of its medium range and light grey tone with green undertones and is perfect for bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms. It stands out with white trim, and you won’t want to stop colouring walls with this farmhouse grey once you start.

7. Avon Green Colors

The farmhouse style is about bringing nature’s palette inside your home. Avon Green is an earthy green that speaks to the country decor and looks amazing alongside white accents and trims in your living room, bedroom or kitchen cabinetry. It has a quiet grey tone to soften the green out, and it is outstanding when you use it around wood pieces.

8. Grey Owl Colors

One of Benjamin Moore’s most popular shades is Grey Owl; for a good reason, it fits on any wall and decor. It is a cool shade that will freshen up your modern farmhouse and looks light by day and warm by night.

Grey Owl has blue/green undertones and works well as an accent or full coverage on your walls, giving you a cool, crisp look.

9. Million Dollar Red Colors

Do you dream of the classic red barn to live in? You can bring that bold colour inside your home with Million Dollar Red and up the drama to your homestead space. Think about this sharp tone for accents like in the kitchen or the front door. Anywhere you put it will make the area pop with this farmhouse staple.

Benjamin Moore is a leader in the industry, and their farmhouse paint colours are a testament to that. You can use these colours in tandem to bring your farmhouse to life by starting with samples to see what works in each room of your house, then start painting and bring it to life. The best thing about these farmhouse colours is you don’t have to live on acreage to use them. Even in the city, these earthy tones look amazing and can give you that rustic decor you are looking for.

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