9 Best Furniture for Back Support and Posture Improvement

Shopping for furniture, few of us consider the effect something like a kitchen table can have on our backs. When we have to lean, bend, or angle ourselves unnaturally in furniture, we place additional stress on our backs. Lower, upper, and down the spine, all sorts of issues can present simply from not having the right amount of back support.

Here are the best furniture for back support and posture improvement:

Furniture #1: Couch

One of the best furniture for back support is a couch. A couch should have back support and not every option does. Depending on seating depth, arm rests, and where you’re sitting, you could in fact be gently putting stress on your back. Consider what feels naturally to you. Some prefer a tight back with no cushions. Others prefer their comfortable couches to match with their other modern furniture and interior design.

Alternatively, thick, loose cushions may be the most comfortable seating. Try a few different couches and get a sense of what feels right on your body.

Furniture #2: Office Chair

Your office chair should have back support. Whether it’s a home office you work in minimum 5 days a week or for casual use, the chair you choose should have enough lumbar-support to support your back. Some chairs have additional support with arm rests and even a headrest. Everything helps.

If you’re going to be sitting here regularly on most days, spending a little extra on the most comfortable chair makes sense. This is a great piece of furniture for back support.

Furniture #3: Sit-Stand Desks

Sit-stand desks are meant for home office spaces. They are a height adjustable desk that allows the user to sit or stand and continue working. The advantage of sit-stand desks is they remove tension from the lower back which comes from sitting.

By switching your posture regularly throughout the day, you also take pressure off other parts of your frame. They’re a great way to burn more calories, maintain your health, and engage your legs when you have to be seated.

Furniture #4: Footrests

We all have a tendency to lean. We do it when we’re listening, at the computer, when we’re engaged in something interesting, and when we’re preparing meals. This means your back is leaning. Even though you’re putting very minimal stress on your back at any given moment, it wears down and over-stresses the muscles over time. A footrest provides you a way to keep yourself from leaning and uses your legs to remove the stress you put on your back.

Furniture #5: Mattress

It’s possible to wake up with a stiff back, shoulders, and neck. It’s not necessarily your choice of position or something you did in the night. It could stem from your mattress. Sleep experts recommend mattresses made from memory foam or similar alternatives to offer contouring and back support through the night.

We naturally think all mattresses are comfortable and will help minimize back discomfort. Low-quality furniture is low-quality no matter what way you slice it though.

Furniture #6: Dining Room Chairs

Most dining room kitchen chairs aren’t made for individuals requiring back support. They’re cheaply made and often encourage leaning. Although a footrest can help, another approach is to either purchase a separate back support like Dr. Ho’s Perfectback Rest or to find more comfortable dining room chairs.

You shouldn’t have to forego family meals just because your back’s a little banged up. Find better chairs and even someone with a bad back will have opportunity to enjoy a meal at the kitchen table.

Furniture #7: Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are made for relaxation. There are chairs specifically targeting back pain and others that emphasize aspects of reclining, posture support, and bed-like qualities. Most lounge chairs naturally are built to remove any and all stress from the back.

If you’re positioned comfortable in one, there’s no reason not to believe you have the support you need. For individuals who have a lot of back pain or who require additional back support, instead of a couch, consider a lounge chair or a recliner for yourself.

Furniture #8: Home Bar

Home bars, bar stools, and kitchen stools are notorious culprits of back pain. In a home, an abbreviated version of a bar is a great room to have for parties and gatherings. The best back support you’re going to get though isn’t going to be from a bar stool or kitchen stool.

If you’re considering building a bar or have a place for stools around a kitchen counter, table, or bar, always opt for a stool that comes with some back support. Although they’re still likely to fall somewhat short on the back support spectrum, a bar stool with a back at least provides something.

Furniture #9: Dressers

If you’re suffering from back pain or require furniture that aren’t going to jeopardize your back, dressers and drawers and cabinets should be set up accordingly. The items you are less likely to need on a daily basis should be put into the lower, more difficult-to-reach storage areas.

What you use daily should be in the top drawers. From top to bottom, make it easy on yourself to procure things without having to bend over.

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