A Guide to Raising Cattle for Beginners

The life of a farmer sees the professional wearing one of many hats. In many cases, no two days will be alike. For example, one day, the farmer must tend to the many crops developing on the land. At other times, livestock must be properly managed and supervised for optimal results.

Beginners may be wary of navigating the ins and outs of this lifestyle. This is especially true for those who do not know much about raising cattle from beginning to end. It can be challenging, but it can be easy once you are familiar with the process. These tips will help steer you in the right direction if you are new to raising cattle.

Tip #1: Animal Health

As mentioned, there needs to be an optimal result for livestock raising. From the moment they are born to the moment, they are usable for whatever purpose, their health is crucial. Sometimes, internal and external factors may impact how well off these cattle may fare.

It is in your best interest to always keep stock of the cattle’s well-being throughout their development. If something seems off, you must tend to their needs immediately. That way, you leave no stone unturned when keeping them healthy for the long term.

Tip #2: Cattle Type

Farmers will often have various animals being raised simultaneously on their farms. That is because each type of animal generally has a unique purpose in the grand scheme of things. The same notion applies to cattle, and beginners should become familiar with the type of cattle they breed.

For instance, once fully grown, some cows adapt better to colder climates than warmer ones. However, for this to be valid, the cattle must be raised at the right age from the start. Keep these in mind once you are considering raising multiple types of cattle. It helps to ensure that nothing goes awry in their overall development.

Tip #3: Facility Management

Other external factors inevitably impact the well-being of the cattle on your farm too. Most importantly, the facilities in which they are stored will play a large role in their development. For starters, ensure these facilities are clean and tidy for the short and long term. Failure to do periodic upkeep of these facilities can negatively impact your cattle’s health.

In addition, you want to ensure each respective facility is equipped with the right resources. From holding pens to the right amount of oxygen circulating, all of these factors play a large role! Barn ventilation is also crucial, ensuring the climate conditions are optimal for your cattle.

Tip #4: Assistance

Farmers generally do not work alone in their craft. As a result, gaining an extra set of hands may be helpful since raising livestock can be quite difficult. Once you have extra help around the farm, designate the responsibilities accordingly to each person. Then, you will have created a system focusing on all cattle at all crucial parts of the work day.

Tip #5: Marketing

The benefit of marketing goes beyond just advertising your farming operations. Some farmers will focus solely on raising cattle, while others may have other ongoing businesses. If you were to advertise your cattle business initially, it could attract eyes to the overall farm. Then, you can market and sell many more products moving forward.

Tip #6: Keep Learning

Despite many similarities, cattle are known for being distinct once fully developed. You want to ensure, as a result, that you always continue your education on their livelihood. This becomes even more critical in the modern age of farming, as the cattle industry is always growing. Stick to your basics, and you will soon become a master at your farming.

Tip #7: Embrace The Life

A farmer’s role can be seen as never-ending. Since there are so many responsibilities, it can often be overbearing. However, you must ensure you stay on top of your operations. This is especially true when it comes to raising cattle as a beginner.

Raising cattle cannot be ignored like a new parent would raise a child. Always ensure you have an open ear and an open set of eyes on your livestock. Should any issue present itself, you should move to take care of it as soon as you can. While the work can be seen as challenging initially, the rewards are gratifying in the long run!

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