How to Decorate a One Bedroom Apartment

When you move into a new one-bedroom apartment, the easiest thing should be decorating, right? Even though there isn’t much area to transform, small spaces are usually the most challenging.

Figuring out what to buy to decorate your place is tough because every piece has to count, and some should even have a multi-purpose function. That way, you are maximizing your efficiency without cluttering it up.

For inspiration, let’s look at how to decorate a one-bedroom apartment.

1. Decorate Vertically

The footprint in your apartment is only so big, but there is untapped space that you can utilize; vertical. Your living room and bedroom walls are ideal for housing cabinets and shelving to get things off the ground and put away. This is also the perfect place to display items you want to see and enjoy.

You can still put up a narrow shelf in small areas to create an instant pantry or wardrobe. Add hanging organizers in your closets to make room for shoes, off-season clothes and other non-essential essentials.

2. Sofa Bed for Small Apartments

For a one bedroom, there isn’t any space for a home office. Customizing your bedroom becomes necessary when you need more than a laptop and an internet connection.

A sofa bed for small spaces is one of your best choices. This furniture instantly adds square footage to your bedroom. It allows you to have a bed raised above a desk and chair for remote work or even a mini music studio. You can have a comfortable bed, which still gives you space, especially with high ceilings.

3. Chair Beds for Small Apartments

Living in a one-bedroom apartment makes it tough to have overnight guests. You could try and fit a sofa bed, but even those may be too big for your apartment. The solution? A chair bed.

Chair beds work perfectly in the living room and cleverly hide a comfortable sleeping solution for friends crashing at your place. There are some nice options and styles to choose from, so it’s worth investing in this multi-purpose piece of furniture for your apartment.

4. Utilize Every Apartment Corner

Most living areas decorate the walls but do not need to do anything special in the corners of the room. This is a much-needed area to capitalize on for you and your one-bedroom apartment.

Corner shelves work well and can give you a tabletop or area for your book collections to live. Another great use of a corner is for a comfy chair and small side table. This provides a nice space for reading, away from the main living area and another zone in your home.

5. Put Up Statement Art

Having a little place doesn’t mean meagre decorations. You want to bring people in and wow them with your design. A bare wall can be filled with several smaller pictures and art pieces, but why not go for a statement piece for a bolder look?

A large hanging art piece makes a focal point to the room and leaves the minimal wall while filling up at the same time. It will also decorate the room with its colour and act as a contrast to the rest of your furniture and decor. Let a big art piece serve as your inspiration, and build your space around it with different, personalized accessories.

6. Keep the Clutter Down

The last thing you want a small apartment to look like is cluttered. Space is finite, and less is better for sure. We are all gatherers at heart, and when it comes to decor, we are always on the lookout for showy things.

Take a regular “outsider’s look” around your place to see if it is getting too closed with things. Have a critical eye and make tough daily decisions about what must be displayed. If you just can’t part with any items, try to rotate your decor every month so you can utilize those essential pieces.

7. Split the Room into Zones

This is a great way to define different spaces in your apartment, even if it is small. Think about what uses your place serves and set it up for that. You can easily divide the room with a couch, an open bookcase or even a curtain.

A TV viewing area will fit snugly at one end, so you still have room for a small home office or gamer zone. This works well for your chair bed, too, because if your overnight guest wants some privacy, there is still an area where others can relax on a couch.

Setting up your one-bedroom apartment is crucial for successful living. By following these great ideas, you can decorate your space, so it is the perfect size for you and the people in your life to enjoy fully.

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