How to Fix Middle Back Pain Naturally

The middle part of your back is called the thoracic region, and the thoracic spine runs from your neck to the bottom of your rib cage. This area of the spine doesn’t have much movement, and while there are multiple discs, vertebrae, muscles and ligaments, pain is usually the result of inflammation from strains in the muscles that support the spine.

Nobody wants to have pain, so it’s important to be mindful of your back and keep it from getting strained. There are different techniques that strengthen your back. In addition, you can avoid common movements and positions that cause middle back pain. By doing so, you can go on enjoying your work-life balance without any issues.

Is the middle back pain discomfort something you just have to live with? Fortunately, no, because there are several things you can do to get relief. Here is how to fix middle back pain naturally:

1. Work on your posture

You would think that standing still or sitting down would allow your back to rest, but it all depends on your posture and support.

Common things we do every day that use poor posture and cause pain include:

  • Hunching over while walking, doing the dishes and even gardening
  • Sitting slumped over on a chair or sofa
  • Working on a laptop while sitting without back support
  • Standing with weight directed on only one leg
  • Hunching over your phone while sitting or standing with your neck bent forward

These and other repetitive movements and postures put tremendous strain on your back because the muscles and ligaments have to balance your body while you are slouching. These unbalanced loads can weaken the tissues in your middle back, and when they are pushed too far for too long, it will cause pain.

Practice good posture by keeping your whole body aligned from ears to ankles. Stretch your head towards the ceiling and keep your pelvis level when you stand and walk. Don’t slouch when you sit on a chair. Keep your back straight but don’t arch your back. It is better to flatten your entire back by tilting your pelvis and keeping your shoulders back.

2. Physical therapy for back pain

While you can do a lot to improve your back pain, working with a professional will accelerate the healing process. Find a good physiotherapist and chiropractor in your area. They are trained to work on stopping your pain. They can also diagnose the cause of your musculoskeletal issues.

You will get spine manipulation and adjustment as well as manual therapy and massage. They will set you up with a workout routine at home and provide lifestyle changes to correct your back pain. This includes:

  • Stretches and exercise
  • Activities like walking, swimming and yoga
  • Posture techniques
  • Injury prevention
  • Counselling
  • Diet suggestions

Ultimately, these professionals can customize a physiotherapy treatment plan to help you fix middle back pain.

3. Start a back stretching routine

As we age, our bodies become less flexible as we are not as active as we once were. Luckily, the middle back pain you are experiencing can be relieved with a few easy stretches.

This movement is designed to elongate your spine and build the muscles that support your back. Here are just a few mid-back stretches.

4. Seated twist

Twisting is an effective way to release tension in the back and increase your flexibility. While sitting in a chair or on the ground with a straight back, gently pivot your body while reaching your hand behind you.

Place your other hand on your knee to help increase the rotation and hold it for 5-10 seconds. Take a few deep breaths to release tension, and then return to your starting position. Alternate both sides three times and keep good posture during the whole stretch.

5. Child’s pose

This is a classic yoga pose that gives a good stretch while you are resting on your knees. Start kneeling and then sit back on your legs while you stretch forward and reach your arms on the floor.

Bring your chest to your knees and forehead to the floor, opening your knees up if you need to. Rest in this position for at least 30 seconds, and then bring yourself back up with support from your hands. This is a passive way to elongate your back and spine.

6. Cat cow pose

Another yoga stretch to help relieve middle back pain is the cat-cow pose. Here you position yourself on your hands and knees and drop your stomach towards the ground, sticking out your butt as you breathe in. You are in the cow position.

Next, you arch up your back as you breathe out and rotate the pelvis towards your ribs while dropping your head towards the ground. This is the cat position. You can alternate both positions 5-10 times and hold each pose for 10 seconds.

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