How to Inhale Vape Smoke Without Coughing

With all that is awesome about vaping, there is one thing that isn’t so great: coughing. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, sometimes you inhale, which is too harsh, resulting in an involuntary cough that wretches your lungs and throat.

Some ratios of VG to PG can be a shock when inhaling, and if you are not used to vaping or have taken a bit of a break, it is challenging to fully enjoy when it irritates your throat. Fortunately, all is not lost.

This is how to inhale vape smoke without coughing.

Don’t Inhale Into Your Lungs

Vape inhaling can be done either Mouth to Lungs (MTL) or Direct to Lungs (DTL.)

With MTL, you first inhale the vapour into your mouth and hold it there. Then, you can take it into your lungs. This is how new users typically vape, and it is similar to a cigarette smoking style. DTL or “sub ohm’ inhaling has you inhaling off the mouthpiece directly into your lungs, just like when you take a breath.

To avoid the harshness of vaping, you should practice MTL. Just inhale into your mouth in small sips and breathe some of the clouds out. Then, slowly take the rest into your lungs. This should be a smoother hit with less irritation until you get used to the power of your e-juice.

Take It Slower

Vaping radially and often can cause irritation and produce that coughing fit you hate. You should take things slower and let your throat and lungs adjust over time to avoid it.

Chain vaping is not a good habit to fall into as it can have negative effects beyond coughing, like getting vapour’s tongue, along with being more expensive because you burn through your supply. Treat it differently than smoking by having breaks between hits and letting your throat cool down and recover.

When you take a draw out of your vape pen, do it slower and exhale longer, as this also helps you enjoy the flavours and big clouds better. If you find that every inhale produces a coughing fit, it’s time to put down your device for a few days so you can recover. Once you get back to it, you will surely notice a difference.

Don’t Smoke and Vape

Vaping is best used as a transition device to get off cigarettes and then consumed as a solo pastime. It is best not to do both at the same time. Smoking damages the cilia in your lungs, and these hair-like structures are responsible for moving mucus out of your respiratory tract.

By quitting smoking first and allowing time for your cilia to recover, vaping won’t be as harsh because as the recovery takes place, it can itself produce coughing. Once that recovery phase is complete, you will find vaping to cause less irritation.

Opt Out of Fruity Flavours

We all have our preferred e-juice; the best ones are often fruity. These familiar flavours are designed to delight us but can also cause allergic reactions that produce a coughing reaction. You may also have a reaction to menthol, so pay attention to what you consume and faze out that which causes irritation and coughing.

Clean Out Your Device

Vape pens and other rigs start to build up residue during regular use, and if not cleaned out, it can burn and cause irritation in your throat and lungs. Make a practice of regularly cleaning your tank when it is empty so there is nothing left over to burn, and while you are at it, check the coil too and change it out if it needs it.

A clogged-up coil won’t vaporize the e-liquid properly, which irritates the throat more.

Drink More Water

The main ingredients in vape juice are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Both PG and VG tend to dry out the throat and cause dehydration, so if you are vaping, drink more water. Take a big glass of water before you start vaping, and then have water with you if you are out.

Drink more at the night’s end, as it will rehydrate and soothe your throat.

Make Some Setting Adjustments

Depending on your vaping rig, there are probably a few settings. On a higher heat setting, you can produce bigger and thicker clouds, which will also irritate your throat more, so it is a good idea to turn it down. Start dealing down slowly to find the right setting that balances out your throat and the clouds you want to produce. You can also just turn it high for when doing tricks and leave it lower for regular use.

This is how to inhale vape smoke without coughing. It may take some time for your body to adjust to vaping, so use these tips to have a better experience, and when in doubt, rest that throat out!

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