How to Keep Epoxy Floors Shiny

Epoxy floors are becoming more popular for homes and businesses because of their 10-20 years of longevity. They are very safe and coat easily on top of concrete to give you a shock and slip-resistant floor that is also water-resistant and durable.

This synthetic resin works as a protectant and a decor element on your floors, and while they stand the test of time, the shine must be maintained, especially in high-traffic areas. Fortunately, with a little effort and know-how, you can keep the bright appearance for the product’s life. Here is how to keep epoxy floors shiny.

1. Regular Cleaning

As with everything in life, things get dirty. Your epoxy floor isn’t immune to it, and since it gets walked on, dirt and dust can build up to obscure that shine. The solution? Regular cleaning.

A good practice is to sweep often or as you notice dust or debris building up. Any spills that occur should be immediately wiped up with a soft rag, and you can vacuum the floor. Mopping a few times a month will keep them clean and give them that brand-new look.

You can hose down the floor for a garage or commercial space to eliminate dull appearance or cloudiness. Use hot water and a squeegee to remove the water and dry it properly. This helps remove that foggy look and bring back the shine in your epoxy flooring.

2. Protection

Whether you have epoxy floors in the garage, kitchen or office, you want to protect them from damage. This won’t happen when you walk on them but from contact with hard materials like metal or wood. Some furniture has sharp legs, and they can potentially mark or scuff the floor.

Use a soft pad under chairs or couch legs and desks for a soft cushion, especially when these pieces get moved or slid around. For bike stands, tool cribs or any other strong contact made with the floor, you can use a piece of cardboard under the touch points to maintain your floor finish.

Rugs work well, adding a buffer and nice contrast to your finished epoxy floor. This is a precautionary measure but one that is well worth it.

3. Hit The Tough Stains

Beyond the regular spills, some stains can be tough to remove. These include:

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • UV exposure

These and other stains can be stubborn to remove, but you can use a water/ammonia solution, bleach solution or even steam to remove discolouration or stains. Use a soft-bristled brush, a kitchen scrubber, and some good old elbow grease to remove the stain. Never rub anything abrasive like steel wool because it can damage the finish. The same goes for abrasive chemicals or acids that can mark the finish or damage the floors completely.

If it is a bigger problem than you think you can handle, call in an expert to evaluate it and clean it up. Of course, a quick response to all spills is key to avoiding stains, but once it is there, you have to work hard to remove them.

4. Deep Cleaning

You should do a deep cleaning on your epoxy floors twice a year. You will have lots of foot traffic over six months, and a deep clean will restore that amazing look.

Remove all furniture from your cleaning area to have a clear run. You will probably notice hidden pockets of dirt and stains that go unnoticed throughout the year. Start with sweeping and vacuuming the space, and then use a good, all-purpose surface cleaner or dedicated epoxy floor cleaner to do the job.

You can use a mop for most of the surface and get down up close and personal with your soft rag for stubborn stains. Dedicate a day to it, and then you don’t have to worry too much until the next deep cleaning in six months.

5. Bring In the Professionals

While most home and business owners can clean their floors, they may not want to take on the project and would rather have professionals do it for them. This is a smart choice for those without the time or desire to tackle it.

Find a floor coating company that not only installs coatings on concrete they also cleans and restores them. They have a dedicated staff that knows what to do and state-of-the-art equipment for this specific application. Having your floors restored to their original lustre and finish is well worth the money spent.

This is how to keep your epoxy floor shiny. You spent hard-earned money to have this great flooring option installed, so it makes sense to keep it at its best for as long as you can.

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