How to Keep Eyelashes Healthy in 7 Steps

As we have heard repeatedly, health amounts to wealth in several ways. Alongside our physical health, we must also pay attention to our mental health. This allows us to be in an optimized condition, to take on the rigours of each day. Concerning our physical health, however, some components may be overlooked.

For example, your eyelashes may not readily come to mind when maintaining their appearance. Unless you take the right steps, you may find your eyelashes are not in the best condition. You need to improve the overall appearance of your eyelashes, maintaining their health over time.

Let’s learn how to keep eyelashes healthy:

Eyelash Moisturizing

When an individual thinks of moisturizing, we usually think of applying cream onto our skin. It is the most common scenario so that our skin is better prepared against external elements. The benefits of moisturizing go beyond that initial sentiment, however. It can also be used as a tool to maintain the health of your eyelashes.

There are key, essential items and products to get your hands on. You can start with getting vitamin E, which allows the lushness of the eyelashes to remain apparent. Vitamin E also works wonders for the longevity of your eyelashes so that they do not become dry.

Eyelash Spacing

Most of the time, makeup is placed in and around the eyelash area to complete a certain look. There is not much thought given to this practice, as it has become a norm in many routines. On the other hand, you may want to pay attention to spacing, as it can play a pretty important role.

If you find that you are using too much makeup or mascara, it will have a detrimental effect on the lashes. Instead, be gentle with the amount you use near that specific area. Irritants can come in many forms, believe it or not. Too much can hamper the quality of the eyelashes.

Keep things to a minimum in this area. For example, you may want to seek alternatives to getting eyelash extensions. In this case, lash lift kits will be suitable alternatives for you.

Eyelash Oils

Alongside vitamin E, there are several oil-based products that you can use to better your eyelash health. One of the most common tools involves castor oil, which has various immediate benefits. For starters, it is a type of oil derived from the bean of a castor tree.

Castor oil has a noticeable effect on the nourishment of the area it is placed in. Or, you could also swap that out for almond oil. Almond oil carries similar benefits, allowing the skin, or eyelashes, to remain in good standing. Whatever the case, add a product touch, and your lashes will certainly flourish.

Healthy Diet & Nutrition

You may not think of it at the onset, but your consumables also play an important role in eyelash health. This goes beyond how your body looks and feels; foods and beverages are important in this regard. The effects will become apparent by simply swapping out your usual items for healthier alternatives.

For instance, try to consume more leafy greens, which can come from various vegetables. You should also try to consume more healthy fats and protein-based foods. Once there is a bit of consistency, you will find that your entire body is feeling better alongside the lashes!

Healthy Supplements

Vitamin E, as mentioned previously, is one of the most important products to get your hands on for eyelash health. While you’re at it, you can increase your benefits through other supplements. Biotin has been advocated for in recent years due to its natural, positive effects on hair health.

In addition, collagen-based supplements will compound this impact so that the surrounding area remains healthy. Even though there are numerous items on the market, you only need the bare essentials. Stick to these products, and you will be on your way to better eyelash health.

Dermatologist Checkup

It doesn’t hurt to ask your dermatologist the questions you have regarding eyelash health, either! These experts will not only advise you on best practices but also on how to improve your skin’s health too. Don’t be afraid to ask about the things you are unsure about.

Makeup Removal

How you take off your makeup will also impact the health of your eyelashes. You do not want to rush the process, as this can make them look much worse than they are. Rather, use an eye makeup remover and dab it around the eyes instead of rubbing them. That way, you ensure the eyelashes are in good standing for the short and long term!

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