How to Make Numbness Go Away After Dental Work

For some reason, not too many people are keen to go to the dentist. Sometimes, you may have to do some special work, apart from regular cleaning or check-up. This means you may be given something to make your mouth numb.

Make sure you speak to your dentist and ask for their advice. For example, if you are not supposed to do anything active, ask them about other options. Generally, the numbness will wear away after a couple of hours or days after a standard procedure, like getting dental implants. The numbness is routine and shouldn’t last very long.

On rare occasions, you may still be feeling a little uncomfortable after some time has passed. You should call your dentist and let them know about anything lasting longer than this. You can also ask the dentist for some tips to help with the numbness. Here is how to make numbness go away after dental work:

Use salt water to make numbness go away

You can use warm, saltwater to help reduce the numbness and recover quicker. Add about a teaspoon of salt to warm water and swish this about gently and spit it out. You can do this about three times a day. Rinsing your mouth with saltwater after a dental procedure can also help to reduce the pain and swelling, depending on what dental procedure was done.

Massaging after dental work

You can try to massage certain areas of your face without massaging the treated area. Be careful and aware of this. Before you begin any massage, make sure to wash your hands. You can try gently massaging your face, lips and mouth.

You can also apply a warm compress, but ensure the exact treatment area is not disturbed. For example, a warm compress can help increase blood flow, especially to the area that has been treated. Massaging gently can also help in this respect. Make sure to wash your hands afterwards as well.

Sleep off the numbness

One thing you can try is to go to sleep. While you are not actively doing anything about it, having a nap can make some of the time passes, and you will not be aware of the discomfort. By the time you get up, the numbness would have naturally passed, or at least greatly diminished. As mentioned earlier, this is an option for those who may not do something active.

Be active after dental work

Remember to ask your dentist first. Depending on what procedure was done, your dentist may or may not advise certain things. However, being active, such as taking a walk, doing housework or going for a bike ride, can naturally help to reduce the numbness. This is because the activity can help stimulate blood flow, which helps transport the anesthesia from the injection site.

All this can naturally take place. Some activity can help metabolize the drug quicker than if you just sat down, waiting impatiently in a chair looking glum. However, just remember not to overdo it!

Be patient with the numbness

While this may not help impatient people, patience does play a role. Several dental procedures can take place. It all depends on what procedure you had. For certain procedures, the numbness may last a little longer. You also have to consider other things.

For example, each person is different, so one person may metabolize the anesthesia faster than another. This is quite normal. A person’s weight and height can also play a significant role in the duration of numbness. It also depends on whether you had work in the upper or lower jaw. Just be patient, and you’ll be right as rain!

Get a second dental injection

Most people may not even be aware that there is a second injection you could ask for. Be aware that insurance will not cover this injection since it is not medically necessary. It all depends on you. If you hate to have numbness and want to get rid of the feeling quickly, you can ask the dentist to provide you with this option.

You will, of course, have to pay for this out of your pocket, but the good thing is, it will help the numbness reduce twice as fast. Your discomfort will be halved. There is a particular drug called OraVerse, an anesthetic reversal agent. If you happen to be someone who hates the drooling and wants to get back to eating and drinking and getting rid of the numbness as quickly as possible, you can ask the dentist for this. You can get back to talking and normally smiling, sooner rather than later!


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