How to Organize a Small House with No Storage

Small houses offer plenty of advantages but not without challenges, especially concerning storage. With such places, you can save cash that you would otherwise use to rent large spaces. However, a lack of adequate space shouldn’t make you leave your cherished house. After all, you can maximize space with several storage ideas.

Organizing a house can be frustrating, especially for small-sized ones. Maybe you have been feeling like your house hasn’t been organized enough, but that can change. All you need to do is make frequent de-cluttering your best friend, and everything will be much easier.

Here’s a guide on how to organize a small house with no storage:

1. Storage Container Rentals

Storage container rentals allow one to store belongings for a specified time until they find a permanent location. The units have been a great way of organizing a small house without adequate storage.

You can store some of your significantly large or complex items in the storage containers. They are great options when working on shifting to a larger house or finding space for them.

2. Invest in Small-sized Furniture

Since the house is tiny, having small-sized furniture contributes to space maximization. Small-sized furniture does not occupy much space like its large counterparts, making house organization relatively easy.

Besides space maximization, small-sized furniture is cost-efficient and reduces clutter making your small house appear tidy and larger.

3. Consider Furniture with Built-in Storage Spaces

Thanks to the constantly changing consumer needs, experts have come up with new ideas for creating house equipment or furniture with built-in storage spaces. Acquiring such items presents you to double benefits due to their 2-in-one features.

Some popular household items with extra storage spaces include washing machines, tables, beds, sofas, and wardrobes.

4. Regular De-cluttering Excercise

De-cluttering is the primary catalyst for successfully organizing your tiny house. The process entails placing the essentials in appropriate spots and removing excess items to avoid overcrowding. There’s no perfect time to de-clutter your home.

Again, you don’t have to wait until everything gets all over for you to start de-cluttering. Regular de-cluttering has been proven beneficial in organizing all houses, even the small ones. You can have seasonal items like Christmas trees in the store while waiting for the festive.

5. Invest in Light Interior Paints

Painting your tiny house with light colours makes it look and feel larger. Lighter interior paint colours allow your eyes to view the rooms continuously, making them look more spacious. Additionally, bright paint colours allow maximum reflection of natural light into the house, influencing space maximization.

The most common light interior paint colours are white, shades of grey, sky blue, cream, blush pink, pale yellow, and lavender.

6. Make Use of the Vertical Space

It may seem impossible, but that up space in your room can significantly help with effective organization. You can use the area to install vertical bookshelves, shoe racks, or organization cabinets.

Even better, interior designers and architects have approved that locating your bed close to the ceiling leaves adequate space for other bedroom stuff.

7. Place Items Next to the Wall

Maybe you love to leave some extra space between the wall and household items, but unfortunately, the idea might not be suitable for tiny houses. With such a house, you need to place items such as sofas, fridges, washing machines, TV stands, beds, and study tables next to the wall for adequate space maximization.

8. Make Use of the Space Behind Your Doors

Did you know you can use plenty of space behind the doors to organize household items? The doors present you with an opportunity to get creative with room organization. Most people must be familiar with this if they use bathroom doors to hang shower capes, towels, and bathing clothes.

You can install several hooks behind your bedroom door, which you can use for your belts, ties, and other light essentials. Simultaneously, the kitchen door can accommodate some kitchen towels, aprons, or cutleries that can be hung in hooks.

9. Put Your Dresser in the Closet

Some houses have large built-in closets to accommodate standard dressers and other storage containers. Instead of having the dresser separately, you can place it in the closet and save your room from overcrowding. If more space is left, you can add several storage baskets for other bedroom essentials or a shoe rack.

10. Divide Your House into Sections

Dividing your tiny house into sections creates an effect of space maximization. You can apply plenty of ideas in dividing your rooms, from bookshelves, large curtains, and flower stands to foldable room dividers and panels. Besides space maximization, creating sections in your house enhances privacy, especially for your bedroom and study area.

11. Make Use of the Under-Stairs

If your small house luckily has stairs, then you’re away from worrying about the organization. With such a design, you can use the space under the stairs for some house essentials that you probably don’t use frequently. Even better, you can build a closure system under the stairs to make the area appear more organized and tidy.

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