How to Sell Health Products on Amazon Like a Pro

Selling health products on Amazon can be very rewarding, but it’s also challenging. You need to stay ahead of the competition and keep your customers happy by delivering a quality product. One of the biggest challenges sellers face is making sure that their items are found and bought by customers. Below are some tips on how to sell your product on Amazon.

  1. Optimize for Search
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Just like with any other online store, you need to optimize product details for search. This helps customers find them more easily than your competitors’. Amazon allows you to continually drill down your initial search by different attributes. For example, a customer can go from Health & Household > Health Care > First Aid > Burn Care.

Amazon uses the product information you provide to match the customer’s search to your items. It is therefore very important for you to provide accurate product information that will make it easier for customers to find your product.

  1. Pricing
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Price is one of the biggest consideration buyers make when shopping on Amazon. Assess the prices of competing products and ensure yours are competitively priced.  Use the ‘Match Low Price’ feature on Amazon to continually match lowest prices for your products. This can be particularly helpful if you’re not selling unique products and the only thing that sets you apart is the price.

  1. Professional Images
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The only thing your customers have to work with when shopping on Amazon is the images. They can’t see the physical product so you have to take professional photos if you want your products to be bought. Avoid uploading grainy photos you took 3 years ago. Keep them fresh and up to date. Buyers are more likely to trust a seller with clear photos.

  1. Continually Monitor and Improve Your Performance
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Your Amazon business is not going to run itself. You need to keep track of your performance and continually tweak the different aspects of your business to stay competitive. Pay attention to your sales, anticipate spikes and downturns, monitor seller ratings, and watch the return rates. All these metrics tell you something about your business. No matter how well you think you’re doing, you can always do better.

  1. Amazon Fulfillment
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If you want to sell more, your order delivery should be fast and accurate. Amazon has mastered order fulfillment. Since you can’t beat them at their own game, let them handle this aspect of your business for you. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service provided by Amazon whereby they fulfill your orders for you. Find out if the fees they charge make sense for your business before using this service.

  1. Follow the Rules
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Amazon has a set of rules for sellers. Abide by the set terms and conditions and you will be okay. Do not attempt to cut corners or try taking advantage of any loopholes, if there are any, in their system. Make a habit of reading through the site’s policies every now and then so you don’t accidentally run afoul of their terms.

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