The Four Biggest Benefits of at-Home DNA Testing Kits

We have all seen a home DNA test kit before. There are a ton of commercials showing how they can help unlock one’s heritage and let them know precisely where they came from.

But what can you really come to expect from those home kits? Are they able to really uncover family trees and lineage with accuracy? Here are the four biggest benefits of these home test kits.

1. Learn About Family Medical Concerns

There are a wide array of illnesses that are passed down through the genetic line. Descendants are more predisposed to having these illnesses than someone else might be. It can be a scary endeavour, especially when those heretic diseases are things such as cancer.

Having a home DNA test kit means being able to test for those potential health risks as well as other health traits that may be directly related to lineage. Being able to find out about these risks before they become an issue can mean the difference between early diagnosis and treatment versus coming to the problem too late.

2. Less Expensive Than Provider Testing

Getting a DNA test is possible through medical providers but anything done through a provider these days is extremely expensive. If you want to test for those potential genetic issues or to see what your parentage is, it can be expensive to have that testing done in a lab.

With a home test kit, you can find out the answers to your questions without having to shell thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Even with good insurance, it may not be covered and that can lead to serious costs coming out of your pocket. Save money and go with a home kit instead.

3. Get Results Quickly

Another great thing about the home kits is that, not only are they not invasive to perform, they can produce results in relatively short order. Depending on the clinic you go to, getting results done by a lab can take days or even weeks.

When you use a home kit, though, it can mean getting the results within hours at most. Getting the answers that you have been looking for in a much shorter period of time is a huge benefit of buying a home test versus having a lab test performed.

4. Find Out Your Lineage

The biggest reason people use these home kits is because they can accurately reveal your lineage. Many of us come from different areas of the world and having a DNA test done can provide some insight as to where our family lines come from.

It is possible to go generations back, showing family trees and their origins. It can be a great way to illuminate a murky family tree and provide more insight about where you came from. All at a much more affordable cost and without having to be seen in a professional facility. Shed some light on your family tree.

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