Top 11 Camping Trip Essentials That You Must Have

Camping is one of those activities that allow us to enjoy nature and various outdoor activities. It’s a great way for spending time with family and friends, and taking a break from the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life. Although worth the effort, preparing for a camping trip can be tedious as so many items are needed and forgetting one essential item can put a damper on things.

To help with your next camping trip, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 camping trip essentials. Of course, the items will vary depending on several factors like the time of year you’re going camping, where you’re going, and who you’re going with.

1. Tent

Shelter is one of the most important camping trip essentials, unless you plan to sleep in just a sleeping bag or in your vehicle. Nowadays there are so many options available when it comes to tents. Before purchasing a tent, evaluate what your needs are. Do you need a more breathable tent for the summer, or do you need a cold-weather tent?

Next, invest in a high-quality tent that you can use for many years to come. Some other things to consider when purchasing a tent for camping include the weight of the tent for easy transport and assembly so you don’t get stuck with a difficult to put together tent.

2. Sleeping Bag

To accompany your tent, make sure you have your sleeping bag ready to go. It’s worth investing in a high-quality sleeping bag as well if you plan to use it a lot. Not only do sleeping bags keep you warm, but they’re comfy and cozy. Even if you opt to sleep on top of your sleeping bag during warm summer nights, you’ll be happy you brought one.

3. Camping Chairs

Sitting on the hard, cold ground is no fun. That’s why camping chairs are another camping trip essential. Set these up outside your tent or around the campfire. When you’re not busy prepping meals or gathering firewood, you’ll have somewhere to sit that isn’t the floor or a fallen log.

4. Cooler

Keep your food and beverages cold with a cooler. You don’t want your meat to spoil, so this item is essential. Make sure you fill it up with ice before you hit the road. Store your water (and beer!) in here so you’re not drinking hot beverages all weekend long.

5. First Aid Kit

You never know when you’ll need your first aid kit so it’s better to be safe than sorry and always have it with you. You or a fellow camper may trip and fall and require a bandage, or maybe someone gets a killer headache and needs some pain killers.

6. Water

Will your campsite have a water pump that you can access? Or are you going to a more remote location with no drinking water nearby? It’s imperative that you know what the water situation will be like while compiling your camping trip essentials.

No matter the circumstances, it’s always important to have some water on hand. Besides drinking, you’ll need it for many things like putting out your campfire at night, cooking, cleaning, and washing.

7. Food

Canned goods, meat, smores – all food items are camping trip essentials. Some food items to pack for camping trips include sandwich materials, hot dogs, buns, condiments, dehydrated foods, chili, noodle cups and ingredients for smores.

8. Survival Gear

Every year, thousands of people find themselves stranded in the wilderness. Having survival gear makes all the difference when it comes to your chances of survival in this situation. Items like survival knives, axes, maps, compasses, survival multi-tools, and water purification tablets are just some of the survival gear you can bring with you on camping trips. Survival gear saves lives so don’t get caught without these camping trip essentials.

9. Waterproof Clothing

You never know what mother nature has in store so be prepared by packing camping approved clothing, like rainproof gear. You won’t have fun on your trip if you’re drenched to the bone all weekend long.

10. Flashlight

Once the sun sets, you’ll be shrouded in darkness so make sure to pack a flashlight or lantern. You’ll need it to get around at night for bathroom breaks or to tell ghost stories around the campfire. It’s always a good idea to pack extra flashlights and batteries just in case.

11. Toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, mouthwash – the list goes on. Save space and time by purchasing little travel bottles of toiletries or purchase small empty bottles and fill them up yourself. They won’t take up much space, but you’ll still have all the essentials nearby.

Although there are many other items you can take on camping trips with you, this list of 10 camping trip essentials will get you started on the right track.

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