Top 7 Most Popular Flowers in the World

Flowers are, in a word, wonderful. They’re beautiful, signify healthy wildlife, and can be symbolic of many things when the right words simply cannot be found. One thing that makes them even better is the staggering variety that can be found among flowers. With so many different kinds of flowers in the world, there are bound to be some flowers that are more popular than others.

Have you wondered what are the most popular flowers? Limiting them down to a mere seven flowers is not an easy task, but it’s well worth trying. Here are the top seven most popular flowers in the world:

1. Sunflower

The sunflower is one of the most popular flowers in the world. There is something about the sunflower that just sparks joy in many people, no matter their age or location. There are 67 species of sunflower in the world, meaning that there is more than likely a type of sunflower for most people to love. This may be a factor in the worldwide demand for this plant.

Believed to originate in the Americas, the sunflower is now distributed around the entire world, bringing the bright, vibrant colour to places that may not have it. Naturally, it is quite popular and widely known.

2. Passion Flower

One look at the lovely passion flower, or passiflora, and you can understand why some people would deeply enjoy the plant. Despite its popularity, this may not be the easiest flower to live, as it takes a rather large bee to pollinate it, but it is well worth the aesthetic it brings.

However, there are other benefits that come with the passion flower, as some species are pollinated by hummingbirds, and the flower, itself, is used for significant medicinal values. All in all, the passiflora is really easy on the eyes, can attract some lovely creatures, and still finds a way to be useful to people in a few ways.

3. Cherry Blossom

Unlike the Passion Flower, the cherry blossom is mainly used for ornate purposes. While there are not many benefits to having this gorgeous flower around, it certainly makes for a stunning view when they are in bloom. In fact, there are entire festivals dedicated to the blooming of the cherry blossom around the world.

The blooming period can last for about 14 days, but some would say that this makes the flower even more special, as the blooming period is something to look forward to. Anyone who has seen the spectacle in person can say that it is well worth keeping in mind year round.

4. Daisy

For many people, simplicity is effective. You won’t find many more flowers as simple or exuberant as the daisy. These popular flowers look wonderful in a garden, make for a perfect gift, and can really enhance a photo session for those who enjoy photography of all forms.

There isn’t much that can be said about the daisy. However, the fact that it can be grown anywhere with relative ease that ends in such a gorgeous payoff makes it easy to understand why it is such a popular flower.

5. Orchid

Vibrant, adaptable, and varied are just a few choice words that one can use in order to describe the orchid flower. There are over 25,000 species of the orchid, making it easy for this beautiful plant to become so popular with so many people.

The orchid can also be found in a great variety of places due to the sheer adaptability of the flower. From gardens to rain forests, the colourful and bright petals of the orchid can be found in the most unexpected of times.

6. Lotus

Being the national flower of both India and Vietnam, the lotus is clearly going to be one of the most popular flowers with quite a few people. The love of this flower goes well beyond those countries, however. This is due in large part to the colourful, multi-layered petals of pink and white, along with the central head standing out apart from the petals.

The appearance coupled with the alluring fragrance, as well as the overall size of the flower makes it a treat for the sense and a favourite for people of all kinds.

7. Rose

Can you really talk about the most popular flowers without mentioning the classic rose? A symbol for a great many things, namely love and romance, this flower is a favourite among the hopeless romantic crowd and those looking for a bit of happiness in life.

The lovely appearance and fresh fragrance make the rose a mainstay at birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, as well as the hearts of many people. At the end of the day, it is pretty difficult to find a more popular flower on Earth.

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