What Are the Health Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking?

Recreational activities are about as wide-ranging as one would prefer them to be. Some of us love grabbing a bite with friends on the weekends. Others may enjoy competitive play with online friends on a favourite video game. Or, some may even prefer smoking once they get a couple of minutes to themselves.

Of course, the health effects of all types of smoking are well known at this point. However, for those looking for a modest alternative, vaping may be an option to consider. Vaping is a popular phenomenon that emerged in recent years. It provides smokers a trendy alternative with health benefits. There are different types of vapes available, including open systems and closed systems. Some people also prefer using a disposable vape to maintain their habits.

Of course, vaping brings about its own set of advantages alongside the drawbacks. Let’s learn about the five health benefits of vaping vs smoking:

Benefit #1: Vaping is less harmful

Cigarettes, and other forms of tobacco smoking, are known for their adverse health effects on humans. The consequences of smoking consistently can result in damaged lungs. Or, they could even create the possibility of cancer taking form at some point in one’s life.

Health experts generally recommend habitual smokers seek out other forms of activity if they try to quit. Vaping is generally seen as a more favourable form of smoking, as it is less harmful overall to the user. This is largely due to fewer toxic elements inside the chosen device.

Benefit #2: Vaping is easier to quit

When it comes to identifying the benefits of vaping over conventional forms of smoking, you’d be hard-pressed to find a lot present. However, it is generally seen to quit the habit overall if the user is doing it. Once someone gets into vaping, it can gently ease away from tobacco.

In addition, some forms of vaping may also come without a huge presence of tobacco at all. It allows the user to truly let go of their addiction in a more palatable manner. Smoking traditional cigarettes, and other forms of tobacco devices, can be difficult. Vaping allows one to make the change if they so choose!

Benefit #3: Vaping offers nicotine reduction

As mentioned previously, there are a ton of toxins and other elements that can have a large impact on one’s health. Smoking has been linked to many diseases, and health conditions brought on by nicotine dependence. Should the habit continue, it will exacerbate any health condition you have or may have in the future.

On the other hand, you can manually control how much nicotine you consume when you decide to vape. That is because the e-liquid used in each vaping device can be adjusted to one’s preference. For those who have used vaping to cut down on smoking habits, this can go a long way to quitting for good.

Benefit #4: Vaping offers addiction reduction

The by-product of this nicotine reduction means that one may also feel the need to reduce their habits completely. Making the switch to vaping over smoking means that one does not have to engage in the habit for much longer. Overall, this also means that they do not have to feed their addiction if they want to quit the habit for good.

This will ultimately depend on the type of cartridge, or e-liquid, that one uses in their vaping device. However, many experts note how beneficial it can be for users to vape to slow down dependency. It is an alternative that can change the course of one’s health!

The health effects of any sort of smoking activity will bring about some effects. Whether or not these will substantially affect one’s life is yet to be determined. To stay on the safe side of things, talk to a doctor if you try to quit smoking. These experts will let you know about the risks and benefits of making the switch over to vaping. It is for your good, and you should know how much of an effect it will have on your life!

Benefit #5: Vaping is cost-effective

Vaping is much less expensive overall when compared to smoking. Some studies have demonstrated that vaping can cost no more than seven to nine hundred dollars a year. That figure is almost tripled when it comes to regular cigarette usage. If you are making the switch, your wallet, and mental health, will thank you!

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