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What Does an Insurance Broker Do: Duties & Responsibilities

An insurance broker is the person you go to when you want to buy an insurance policy but don’t know from what provider. They are tasked with finding the right policy for the customer and are trained in what questions to ask, explaining the different types of insurance, and analyzing a customer’s needs.

Though policies are very well defined, the insurance required for a specific person differs from the next. An insurance broker can help customize the full scope of insurance, including or excluding specific elements, to ultimately arrive at the best policy for the customer.

Let’s learn more about what does an insurance broker do.

Insurance brokers present policy options

An insurance broker will present different options from different insurers, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

An insurance broker does not sell insurance. They broker the agreement between you and the insurer.

Insurance brokers cut down on time

Many busy people who do not have time to look into different plans and policies go to an insurance broker for the best advice. If you want the best terms and prices, an insurance broker can help you.

You don’t pay a broker

You do not need to pay an insurance broker per se. They get paid by receiving a commission off the premium of the insurance plan you opt-in on. If you decide to purchase an insurance policy from an insurer using a broker, they collect a commission from the insurer for that.

Insurance brokers analyze your needs

An insurance broker has to be able to read a customer, ask the right questions, and determine what’s unnecessary in an insurance policy compared to what’s needed. Every person is different. Some may search for maximum asset protection, while others simply want the most bare-bones affordable insurance policy.

Insurance brokers assess areas of risk

You may not believe you need a certain type of insurance, but a broker can tell you why it can be good to have it. Alternatively, you may think you need all this insurance coverage when, in reality, you can get by on a lot less.

An insurance broker is a good source to assess risk and ensure your coverage aligns with those risks rather than being under or over what you need.

Insurance brokers work within your budget

While comparing policies, a broker always operates within the kind of coverage you need and the budget you set. They can net you the best price while excluding the aspects of insurance you don’t require and don’t wish to pay for.

Insurance brokers negotiate with insurers

An insurance broker does not work directly or indirectly for insurance companies. They represent you, the customer, and act as your advocate in obtaining a policy. Therefore, a broker can help you negotiate the right terms and hopefully arrive at the right cost regarding conversations with insurance providers.

Insurance brokers add confidence

As a broker works with many different providers, you can feel more confident that when you settle on a plan, you’re choosing the right one for your needs. They save you time, research, calls, and investigating because an insurance broker has already done everything for you.

Insurance brokers identify relevant plans

An insurance broker must have extensive knowledge of insurance types and plans and be able to organize suitable insurance coverage for the customer. They must easily organize policies from different insurers and present them to the customer. You go to an insurance broker to find the right policy for you.

Insurance brokers explain policy terms

If this is your first time getting insurance for your home, auto, or business, you’re in the right hands with an insurance broker. They can explain relevant policy terms, answer questions about changing policies to better suit your needs, and are the experts in selecting insurance policies.

Insurance brokers secure coverage

While you cannot buy insurance directly from an insurance broker, they can connect you with an agent and ultimately set you up with the coverage you previously discussed.

Insurance brokers renew or amend policies

If you have an existing insurance policy and your circumstances change and you suddenly need to amend the terms and conditions, an insurance broker can help. You would go to a broker instead of directly to your insurer because they provide a more well-rounded view of all potential options you can use to ultimately arrive at the best policy.

Policies may change over time. An insurance broker’s knowledge has to be updated, especially as different situations unfold that challenge a policy and/or reinforce the terms of a policy.

Insurance brokers advise on making claims

When you file a claim with your insurer, this has serious consequences for your future. Before you do, discuss with your insurance broker if filing a claim is worth it. They can advise on how to go about it and whether or not to file.

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