What to Do Before Botox: 7 Tips for Your First Appointment

Botox is a drug that’s primarily used to treat wrinkles and facial creases. It’s also effective at treating some medical conditions such as neck spasms, an overactive bladder, and lazy eye, as well as preventing chronic migraines.

Are you thinking about having a Botox procedure done? If so, there are some things you can do beforehand to help you be as prepared as possible for the procedure.

Below are seven tips on what to do before botox, which will help you prepare for your first appointment. If you still have questions, your dermatologist will clarify the procedure before you receive your injection.

1. Schedule your botox appointment at an optimal time

Are you the least stressed in the morning? If so, the best time to schedule your Botox appointment will be in the morning. If you would rather have your week completed, schedule your appointment for Friday afternoon. By going when you’re the least stressed, any anxiety around the treatment will be minimized.

It’s also a good idea to give yourself ample time to get to your appointment so you’re not stressed from rushing around. Also, make sure that you don’t have anything important scheduled for after your appointment so that you’re not stressed if it runs long.

Since there’s a potential for bruising after a Botox treatment, it’s also a good idea to make sure you don’t have anything important coming up for about one to two weeks after.

2. Do your research on Botox

Doing research is very important before a botox injection, since it will help you determine whether this is the right procedure. To help you prepare for your Botox injection, research online information beforehand.

Look up information about the drug itself, potential risks, and how the procedure works. The more information you arm yourself with, the easier it will be to prepare for the procedure.

3. Work out beforehand

Do you exercise regularly? If so, try to get your workout in before you head to your Botox appointment. Since it’s recommended that you wait about 24 hours after a procedure to do your workout, getting it in beforehand will mean not missing an exercise session.

If you have any concerns in this area, speak with your dermatologist before the Botox appointment.

4. Know which medications to avoid

There are some medications that when used in combination with Botox could potentially cause bleeding and/or bruising. If you take prescription medication or over-the-counter medication or supplements, speak with your doctor before botox.

Medications to avoid include muscle relaxants, blood thinners, and NSAIDs. A few examples of these types of medication include warfarin, Aspirin, St. John’s Wort, and ibuprofen.

5. Avoid drinking alcohol & smoking cigarettes

In addition to avoiding certain medications, it’s also recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes before a Botox appointment.

For alcohol, it’s advised that you avoid alcoholic beverages for around 48 hours before your Botox injection. Not avoiding alcohol before your appointment could increase your risk of bleeding and/or bruising.

When it comes to smoking cigarettes, you will want to avoid them for a few days prior to your appointment. If this is not possible, try to at least limit how much you smoke. Smoking before your Botox injection could potentially increase your chances of bruising, as well as slow down your healing time.

If you use alcohol or cigarettes, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor about this before your appointment. They can properly advise you on how long you should avoid these substances for both before and after your Botox injection.

6. Clean your skin

Before botox, make sure that your skin is both clean and free from any makeup or moisturizers. Spend some time giving your skin a good cleansing before heading out the door.

To do this, wash your face with a mild cleanser and warm water. The most important thing you can do is to make sure that you rinse your face really well to prevent any residue from building up. Once you’ve thoroughly rinsed your face, pat it dry with a soft towel.

Don’t worry too much about this as your doctor will likely clean your skin with an antiseptic cleanser before you receive the injection.

7. Apply ice to the Botox area

Do you bruise easily? If so, grab an ice pack from your freezer and apply it to the area that will be receiving the Botox injection prior to your appointment. This is an effective way to minimize bruising.

You will want to apply the ice pack for around 20 minutes each time. Make sure that you wrap the ice pack in some paper towel or an old towel so that the ice isn’t directly on your skin. If during the 20 minutes your skin begins to feel numb or gets too cold, stop applying the ice until the area feels better. It also can’t hurt to apply some ice to the area once you receive your injection.


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