Why You Should Take a Paternity Test Before Baby Is Born

Creating a new life is a magical experience that forever changes parents’ lives. If you have brought a child into this world, you know the demands it brings, along with the joy it provides, and while this is the best-case scenario for a parent, sometimes paternity is called into question.

If you are unsure who the father is or the father is claiming he is not responsible for the pregnancy, you need to get your genetic ducks in a row as soon as possible. You can wait until your child is born and then figure it out, but time is literally of the essence.

Are you in need of proving who the father of your child is? This is why you should take a paternity test before the baby is born.

1. A Paternity Test Accurately Determines the Father

Knowing who the father is when you are pregnant is easy if you only have one recent sexual partner. Most women’s ovulation timing changes from month to month, so if you have been intimate with more than one person, it may be difficult to determine paternity, as sperm can live in the body for three to five days.

Getting a paternity test while pregnant accurately matches DNA to prove fatherhood without question. That way, you can be prepared long before the child is born.

2. A Paternity Test Reduces Stress

Being pregnant is a trying time for a woman as her child develops inside, and her life is forever changed. Between hormonal changes, preparing for birth and the expense of a child, it can be a stressful nine months. Then if there is a paternity issue, it just piles on.

Confirming who the father is can be a great relief and allow you to make plans for raising your child together or co-parenting civilly. This gives you time to create a plan so it isn’t mayhem once the child is born, and you have to scramble to figure out paternity. Anything that can help ease the burden during pregnancy will make it easier for you and healthier for the baby.

3. A Paternity Test Involve The Biological Father In The Process

Most men will step up and be responsible when they find out they are a father, and it gives you both a chance to figure out the family dynamics surrounding your new child. Once you determine the paternity, the father may want to be involved in different things like:

  • Birthing classes
  • Setting up the baby’s room
  • Contributing to purchases like a crib, car seat and stroller
  • Any other financial support required

The sooner you know the paternity, the sooner you can involve the father in your pregnancy journey and birthing preparations.

4. Make Relationship Decisions Before the Baby Is Born

The best scenario for you and your baby is to have the father involved in your life, so it is important to find out who he is sooner than later. You need to decide if he is just a man who is a biological father or one that is your life partner. If you have a relationship with the father, a baby may force you to decide your relationship. If you both are all in a while still pregnant, you will get loving support and peace of mind knowing that it is an intact family. Conversely, you have time to prepare for single motherhood and can contact family and friends for support.

5. Legal Issues

Sometimes, when a man finds out he is the father, he wants nothing to do with the child and won’t want to give financial support. This means you must get legal advice and work through the court system to financially protect your child and make the father responsible for his paternity. This all takes time, as the legal process can sometimes be slow, so the sooner you get started, the better. With paternity results in hand, you are in a strong legal position to arrange child support, custody and visitation.

6. Other Considerations

There are other things to consider when having a child that comes into play when you are unsure of paternity, and there are certain parenting rights to consider.

  • The father may have great extended health services that will be available to you and your child
  • Other benefits may be available to your child, like veteran benefits or social security benefits
  • Putting up the child for adoption, moving out of province/state or having a new spouse adopt the child

This is why you should take a paternity test before the baby Is born. When there is a question of who is the father of your child, it is better to find out as soon as possible. You need to confirm paternity at some point; it is very safe and effective to do so while pregnant. This will give you ample time to get all your ducks in a row and relieve the stress of the situation.

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